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Emergency Shut-off Valves are installed on fuel supply lines beneath at grade level to minimize hazards associated with collision or fire at the dispenser. If the dispenser is pulled over or dislodged by collision, the top of the valve breaks off the flow of fuel. Single-poppet models shut off supply flow, while double-poppet models shut off supply as well as prevent release of fuel from the dispenser's internal piping. Base securely anchored to the concrete dispenser island through a stabilizer bar system within a U-Bolt assembly. Valve inlet (bottom) connections are female pipe threads and outlet (top) connections are available with female threads, male threads, or a union fitting. Other options include suction system models with a normally closed secondary poppet which maintain prime, and models with external threads on inlet body which connect to secondary containment system.

Features & Benefits

Flow rate: 0-120L/m.
Working pressure: 0.2MPa.
Valve closing speed: 0.5s.
Lowest shut-off temperature: 75oC.
Medium: water, gasoline, diesel and kerosene.
Operating environment: -30oC~+55oC.
Fire protection: a fusible link trips the valve closed at 75oC to shut off fuel supply to the dispense.
Integral test port: a 3/8" test port allows the piping system to be air tested without breaking any piping connection.
Low-profile tops: female and union-top double-poppet valves have a low-profile top to allow upgrading from Aile single-poppet valves without changing existing piping..
Multiple mounting option: valves are boss-mounted to stabilizer bars in sumps and pans or mounted to bars embedded in the island with U-Bolt kits.
Versatile combination body (boss mount/ U-Bolt mount) models are available to accommodate most mounting applications with one valve style.
100% factory tested.


Body: cast iron (spray-paint)
Seals: buna-N, O-ring
Guide and poppet: POM
Protective sleeve: PVC